The B2B innovation in Sant Dalmai

In such a dynamic world as the one we live in, innovation is essential to differentiate from others and capture the consumer's attention. The big food brands are constantly making new launches and reviewing processes to offer products that surprise their customers and that, at the same time, meet their expectations of quality and price.

15 years ago Sant Dalmai SAU created its B2B division to meet the demand for meat products and dairy products (cheeses) and vegan analogues that are used as ingredients in other food industry sectors. We specialize in developing customized protein solutions for salads, convenience food, industrial confectionery, snacks ..., as well as for large operators in the Horeca sector.

Our success in this area lies in the Let's Co philosophy based on 5 key elements:

1. Customer's knowledge

Each company is different and so are their needs. Empathizing with the customer's development team, understanding what their objectives, needs, processes and working methods are, even getting to know and understand their own clients, are the secret to offering an adequate and exclusive solution for each case.

2. Communication

Within the development framework of a B2B project different areas of the company are involved: R & D, purchasing, quality, production ... As a supplier, it is essential to have a transversal approach, contemplating the needs and motivations of each area involved, and to ensure the correct intra and interdepartmental communication to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the project. The transmission of information must always be direct, agile and transparent to ensure that the message is understood by the different parties.

 3. Collaboration

All the technology that we currently have makes it possible for collaboration between companies to be constant and in real time. Be the client in Valencia, Stockholm or Paris, you must validate developments, submit proposals and get feedback at every step to move in the right direction. As a supplier, we consider ourselves an extension of the client's R & D department, ensuring that our developments bring them the desired value.

 4. Confidence

In a sector such as food, ensuring traceability and food security throughout the supply chain is essential. At Sant Dalmai every year we renew the international accreditations that guarantee our processes and which guarantee that we comply with the highest quality standards. Additionally, we offer total transparency with our clients and we invite them to carry out their own audits of our facilities so that they can validate their trust in us.

 5. Continuity

Once the development of a project is finished, we continue working together with the client to ensure the product supply in the times and quantities that are required. This is especially relevant in the launch phase when planning is more complicated and the supplier's reaction speed is key to adapt to market demand.



In any case, innovation does not end after the launch of a project; rather, it is a continuous process of improvement and dynamism. At Sant Dalmai we are proactive about making improvement proposals that we believe can add value to our clients and we put at their disposal our knowledge, experience and technology to become their partner in the development of value investments.

If you have a project that you want to develop, get in touch with us, and Let's Co!


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