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Tradition & Innovation
since 1964

In 1964, two friends united by the world of delicatessen, started what we now know as Sant Dalmai. The constant search for excellence, innovation, flexibility and adaptation to flavors, as well as respect for local customs, make Sant Dalmai an international benchmark with presence in more than 40 countries. And the thing is, Sant Dalmai is a modern factory that has the most advanced technology in traceability and food safety. More than 200 people, who are part of the team, follow in the footsteps of our founders working on continuous improvement of products and processes, thus adapting to changes and customer needs.


Foundation of Sant Dalmai in a small butcher shop


Factory construction


1st enlargement of the factory


Establishment of the first distribution company of the group in Barcelona


New lines of business start operating: Iberjam, producing cured meat products, and Quelac, trading with cheeses from Spain and other European countries


2nd enlargement of the factory


Beginning of international export


50th Anniversary


3rd enlargement of the factory


Merger of all business units under Sant Dalmai S.A.U.


Brand redesign


Fourth enlargement


60th anniversary

Food safety

is a top priority
for our corporate culture

Food safety is integrated into all of our processes, starting from R&D and extending through our supply chain

We carry out internal risk-based surveillance and food safety testing in-house at the Sant Dalmai's facilities to identify and prioritize specific areas of risk. Periodic audits measure the effectiveness and efficiency of food safety controls and operating procedures.

We have localized the sources of our ingredients, which is key to isolating risks in the event of food safety problems, and we evaluate our suppliers' systems to ensure they meet our standards and traceability requirements.
We are
producers in
Gluten Free Products
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R & D

Committed to improving
variety and health profile of
our products

We are committed to preparing food with passion and putting people first by improving the variety and health profile of our products while meeting high food safety standards.

We invest in research and development (R&D) to continually improve the nutritional profile of our products and help us better understand the impact of food on health and well-being
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sant Dalmai's philanthropy is aimed at supporting communities and associations. This is closely linked to our purpose as a company.

We partner with non-profit organizations to leverage our collective impact in key areas such as social inclusion and supporting research on different diseases.

We also support associations and communities close to our environment with different types of help and sponsorships such as cultural events, sports and social integration.
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