Expansion for cooked meat and roast products

At Sant Dalmai Food Company we continue to advance at a good pace and without pause. Recently, we have opted to increase the productive capacity of our industry.

The total investment in 2022 has been €6,000,000 and will be used to promote the production of roasted and cooked meat products.

The generation of new spaces plus the incorporation of new equipment will allow us to increase the production of cooked meat products by 25% and 100% in roasted products.

Specifically, in the line of cooked meat products, tumbling equipment has been incorporated, giving us greater capacity, flexibility and process optimization.

Librito y napolitanaA large convection oven has been incorporated into the line of roasted products, which allows us to double the capacity we had up to now. In addition, spaces have been created to accommodate new equipment related to this type of product.

Another part of the investment has been allocated to the construction of new rooms and the incorporation of new equipment to double the production capacity of “libritos” of york and cheese, a product intended exclusively for the B2B bakery sector.

In general, a common objective pursued by this project is to adapt processes to new technologies in the food sector, optimizing energy resources that we have already talked in this other article.


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